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SoNET Release Notes

New Features
  1. Comprehensive RESTful API
    • OAuth-based security (all grants)
    • documentation
    • sample code
  2. Integration with OpenAuth providers: Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook
  3. New HTML editor
  4. Templates converted to conform to HTML 5 specification
  5. Improved playback of MP4 files
  6. HTML 5 audio control
  7. Titles on top of Audio thumbnails
  8. Updated Twitter widget to conform with new Twitter security requirements
  9. Stronger encryption of user passwords
  10. Visible CAPTCHA on Help form
  11. Visible CAPTCHA on Comments (configurable)
  12. New templates: Shadow Play, Simple Style, Black and White
  13. Installation improvements
    • Brand new stand-alone installer
    • Web Platform Installer (SoNET is proudly part of Microsoft Web App Store)
    • Support for installing SoNET in sub-folders of a website
  • Template fixes
  • Bug Fixes