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SoNET Release Notes


  1. eCommerce
    - full shopping cart experience
    - integration with Authorize.NET, Elavon, PayFlow (PayPal)
    - unique and simple way of constructing "Add to Cart" buttons
    - inventory tracking
    - Order tracking
    - Email notifications
    - configurable Shipping Methods
    - configurable Sales Taxes
    - international support
    - exporting data
    - support for "sandbox" testing
  2. New root templates: Synchronous, Affinity
  3. ALL templates are now responsive and mobile friendly
  4. Microsoft and Google sign-ins
  5. CSS and JavaScript bundling and minification
  6. Support for Bootstrap
  7. HTTPS support for mobile apps
  8. Improved "warm" startup
  9. Improved HTML editor
  10. Improved Event Viewer
  11. New Settings:
    • <add key="SoNET.Members.MembersMustLogInAtLeastOnceToBeContacted" value="true" />
    • <add key="SoNET.OpenAuth.Google.ClientId" value="" />
    • <add key="SoNET.OpenAuth.Google.ClientSecret" value="">
  12. High quality release
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SoNET Release Notes

  1. Advertising Messages

  2. Bundling and minification of CSS and JavaScript files. Embedded small CSS images.
  3. Video Chat is now using OpenTok 2.x Spec
    • Does not require Flash-plugin
    • In addition to a desktop - works on Android mobile devices
    • Improved quality of video and connection
  4. Support for more media formats:
    • .mov, .wav, .oga, .3gpp
  5. Sending test email from SMTP settings
  6. Linked Owner's Manual
  7. Enhanced Web API
    • Compatible with SoNET Mobile application available for iOS and Android
    • Support for MediaFeedback, ClassifiedFeedback, BlogPostFeedback, MediaRating
  8. New settings:
    •   <add key="SoNET.Smtp.UserName" value="" />
    •   <add key="SoNET.Smtp.Password" value="" />
    •  <add key="SoNET.UploadVideo.AllowUploadOptionalThumbnail" value="false" />
    •  <add key="SoNET.Security.Comments.UseVisibleCaptcha" value="false" />
    •  <add key="SoNET.API.CORS.Origins" value="*" />
    •   <add key="SoNET.API.OAuth.Enable" value="true" />
    •   <add key="SoNET.API.UploadVideo.AutoRotate" value="true" />
    •   <add key="SoNET.VideoChat.Enable" value="false" />
    •   <add key="SoNET.VideoChat.OpenTok.Key" value="" />
    •   <add key="SoNET.VideoChat.OpenTok.Secret" value="" />
  • Wrong Site content under heavier traffic
  • Interpolation during image resizing
  • API - OAuth fixes
  • DB truncation errors while posting certain Announcement
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SoNET Release Notes

New Features
  1. Comprehensive RESTful API
    • OAuth-based security (all grants)
    • documentation
    • sample code
  2. Integration with OpenAuth providers: Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook
  3. New HTML editor
  4. Templates converted to conform to HTML 5 specification
  5. Improved playback of MP4 files
  6. HTML 5 audio control
  7. Titles on top of Audio thumbnails
  8. Updated Twitter widget to conform with new Twitter security requirements
  9. Stronger encryption of user passwords
  10. Visible CAPTCHA on Help form
  11. Visible CAPTCHA on Comments (configurable)
  12. New templates: Shadow Play, Simple Style, Black and White
  13. Installation improvements
    • Brand new stand-alone installer
    • Web Platform Installer (SoNET is proudly part of Microsoft Web App Store)
    • Support for installing SoNET in sub-folders of a website
  • Template fixes
  • Bug Fixes
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SoNET Release Notes


1. Two new site templates



2. Two additional Custom Pages

3. Unlimited instant, generic, custom pages

Super simple way of creating new custom pages just by going to specific URL and typing page name, for example:
http://[root site]/p/[page name].

Besides full page customization - Site owners also have an ability to Delete those pages with its entire content.

Search engine friendly Sitemap.xml file and SEO Tools are self-aware of custom menu changes.


1. Custom menus for individual Sites

Engine owners can override individual Site menus and fully customize them by editing simple xml file.

2. Custom menus for all Sites

Similar to above technique - engine owners can override menus for all Sites and fully customize them.

Please read: /_template/Site.sitemap.ReadMe.txt file for more details.

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SoNET Release Notes

SoNET is here.


1. Free-form Custom Page for Sites

New Page Administration panel also featured on Site's home page.


1. Support for Site Source   

Helps to track the source of all sites. Facilitates affiliate marketing.

2. Search for Transactions

3. Search for Users

The performance of Users page has also been greatly improved for large number of users.

  • Tested to work under Windows Azure, Windows 2012 Server and Windows 8
  • Updated instructions for setting PayPal's IPN
  • Small template fixes
  • Fixed install problem when browser window could fail to launch
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SoNET Release Notes

SoNET is here.


1. 10 new site templates


Frozen Age


Snow Glass

Thermal Spa

Big Business


Travel Portal
Unofficial Channels

2. Visible Captcha for Site creation

Also - configurable:
<add key="MediaLibrarian.Security.CreateSite.UseVisibleCaptcha" value="true" /> 

3. Configurable list of countries to deny for Site creation

<add key="MediaLibrarian.Security.CreateSite.DenyCountries" value="[Country1], [Country2]7" />

4.  Detailed and secure system logs

5.  Logging of IP addresses and countries on Site level

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SoNET Release Notes

SoNET is here.


1. 5 new site templates

Buy Step

Green Castle

Library Pro

New Era


2. Support for home page specific dynamic elements, like Billboard, in site templates

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SoNET Release Notes

SoNET is here.


1. Improvements to email flow

Sending invitation to new members or contacting members via ‘Email Users’ now allows members to reply back to site owner.
2. New high quality Root template – PointCo

3. Empty root pages

It’s easy now to remove dynamic content from certain root pages to dedicate them as ‘general
purpose’ pages whose content is still edited in “Initial Setup / Root Pages” section.

To do this plain attribute can be set to true in Web.sitemap file, as in the following example:

 <siteMapNode url="~/root/l" [..] plain="true" /> 
<siteMapNode url="~/root/p" [..] plain="true" />
<siteMapNode url="~/root/tr" [..] plain="true"

4. Separated website’s title
- Website’s title can be independently set from website’s name
5. Improvements in handling Root templates
- It’s possible to ensure parts of the template will only be rendered on the home/front page of the template.
To do this – content can be wrapped with a PlaceHolder with ID that starts with phHomePage, for example:
 <asp:PlaceHolder runat="server" ID="phHomePage1">
//front page content here
- It’s possible to inject standard editable footer.
To do this – the following element must be present:
 <asp:PlaceHolder runat="server" ID="phFooter" /> 
Footer’s content can further be edited in Setup Wizard:
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SoNET Release Notes

SoNET is here.
New Features
1. Site Cloning
2. Reporting Framework with 10 new reports
3. Audit trace for deleted sites
Bug Fixes
- Deleting sites would sometimes crash
- Clicking on latests Blog comments would go to general blog list not a single blog
- Comments would not be visible on certain new templates
- Top Rated Media on the front page would not refresh on inintial load