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    Personal Development and Optimization





    About ZEITGEIST                  Zeitgeist helps to understand the intellectual and emotional mentality of the current era we live in. We help to utilize this awareness for your personal optimization? With creativity and several intelligence methodologies, spiced with a sense of humor we strengthen your current skills and help you to discover your core value. Design a fulfilled, healthy and balanced lifestyle. You are who and whatever you want to be. Believe in it and we guide you!




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    Jean-Anne Alexander
    Lifestyle Design Coach

    Born in France, grew up in Germany, lived in Holland and came over to the United States in 2005 to find her roots. As a Flight Attendant she discovered the US for almost 4 years, before she settled down here in Las Vegas to continue her Cultural Management business StepUp Communications, the extension of her German Company Zeitstufe. Over the last 30 years she coached and inspired  many people of all ages and social ranks to think outside the box that are not the norm but  still healthy, because you follow your heart.  She shares  her traditional Austrian/German herb skills with a lot of followers. Zeitgeist Lifestyle Design Coaching is the summery of her positive spirit and her never ending optimism. If you don't quit you win.  It’s contagious..