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Press Release April 4th 2013 - “Deliciously innovative”, Island Tapas.

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Jennifer Yim

Blue Water Restaurant and Sport’s Bar 9510 S. Eatrn Ave.Las Vegas, NV. 89123
“Deliciously innovative”, Island Tapas.
Henderson, NV. (April 4th, 2013) – Calling all tapas lovers, seekers of epicurean delights and all who enjoy excellent dinning. Blue Water Restaurant and Sport’s Bar is now open in the Las Vegas / Henderson, NV area. You are hereby invited to come in and experience our brand of delicious innovation, beautiful décor and outstanding service.
Featuring an array of Island themed delights like signature tapas dishes, marinated steaks, specialty drinks, fantastically fresh seafood, desserts and more; Blue Water hopes to carve out a place for itself as one of the most spectacular dinning options in the Las Vegas / Henderson metro area and one of the sure fire additions to any self-respecting foodies list.
Along with exotic menu selections like “Waikiki Salad”, are featured more traditional items like “Prime Rib” and of course, all dishes are served with the signature Blue Water, style and unique bounty of flavor.
“We wanted to open a place that people in our local community could enjoy, call their own and bond with. A place to eat and meet with friends that is really world class. It’s very important for us to deliver value to the people we know and that we see everyday in our neighborhood. This restaurant is not just representative of a business for us, Blue Water Restaurant and Sport’s Bar represents opening up our hearts and our kitchen to our extended local family, which are the great people we live around. When you visit here you don’t just feel the good energy, you taste it in the food, ”, said Jennifer Yim, Manager.
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Blue Water Restaurant and Sport’s Bar is pleased to serve the Las Vegas / Henderson, NV area.
About Blue Water Restaurant and Sport’s Bar
Started in 2013 by Henderson, NV residents and fueled by a desire to offer the very best in cuisine as well as a belief that there is always a need for locally owned and community centric operators to start business’s in their own neighborhood’s, the Blue Water Restaurant team have come together to open the areas newest showcase eatery.
Lunch is served daily beginning at 11 a.m. and services runs through until 10pm. Happy Hour specials are offered Monday through Saturday, 3 to 7 p.m. Reverse happy hour specials are offered late night and every Sunday beginning at 8 p.m.
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