Can you create a website in under 5 minutes using the SoNET Web Engine API?


API fast start - Use your browsers address bar (GET).

1. Register.

NOTE: Simply use for a Callback URL and Browser for your application type

2. Click your application "Name" to view your Client App ID and Client App Secret.

3. Generate a security token with this HTTP GET:

4. Copy the token you generated from the returned string.
NOTE: look for this in the address bar " #token_type=bearer&access_token=THISISTHETOKENYOUGENERATED "

API fast start - Use your browsers Developer Tools (POST).

5a. Use this HTTP POST to generate your first site:
TYPEAUSERNAME&[email protected]&adminPassword=TYPEASITEPASSWORD

5b. Add this request header to the post (the spaces are needed):


The API itself is documented here: SoNET Web Engine API

Congrats! you just made a website, now visit and sort by " Recently Created" to see it and login. Now that you see how easy the API makes things, go ahead and make your own applications. Your imagination is the limit.