[Q. Can I create my own mobile apps using the API?] A. Yes, all you need to do is register and create your API key then code your application.

[Q. Can SWE be used in an Intranet only role?] A. Yes, a connection to the Internet is not needed.

[Q. Can I add more templates or customize the templates used by my install?] A. If you know HTML and CSS, you can customize templates and use the free template conversion kit to add any template you like to your install.

[Q. Does The SoNET Web Engine work on Linux?] A. No, not by design. Although some people report it working fine on Linux systems that have been prepared to run .NET applications.

[Q. If I purchased already and want to increase my license do I have to pay for a new version or can I simply pay the difference in cost?] A. You pay only the difference in cost between the number of sites you are allowed now and the number of sites you are upgrading to.

[Q. How many websites can SoNET generate?] A. For every 100GB of server storage space, an average of 10,000 active sites (sites with active users) can he hosted. The number of sites is limited only by your license.