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    private turkey tours - turkey tours +++ daily cappadocia tours
    We had a very nice weekend in Istanbul . We went to istanbul special class hotel . the hotel had a very large spacious rooms . unlimited ate a very nice buffet breakfast in the morning . We met with our tour guide in the hotel lobby and went hippodrome . UNM Wars Gladiator Hippodrome horse racing in the Olympics were held here . Was used as a Hippodrome arena . There are 2 obelisk brought from Egypt . Hippodrome German emperor German Fountain was built as a gift to Sultan osamnl . East Roman emperor, Hagia Sophia was built by Justinian . very beautiful work of art with architecture . As the world's largest Orthodox church was built.

    Hagis Sophia istanbul most beautiful and magnificent old structure built during the reign of the Roman Empire east of works of a person . Istanbul is the most beautiful city from any point on the top seems . which is a magnificent architectural work of art. In 1453, this is the time of Sultan Mehmet mosque minarets were added and 4 were converted . built during the reign of the Byzantine mosaics of Jesus and Mary adorned with paintings and works of art . About 5 -minute walk from Hagia Sophia is located in a very beautiful blue mosque during the Ottoman Empire had been very nice . 6 minarets and domes were too big . in the interior is decorated with blue Iznik tiles .

    istanbul tours


    here is a wonderland where cappadocia 1 hour 've done a very nice plane ride . Cappadocia Urgup went to the open air museum and numerous cave here and
    There were fairy chimneys . people who have lived here , and religious worship . There are hidden cave churches and prophets Jesus and Mary on the inner walls are decorated with pictures . Zelvia nuzek went to the open air , where the balloon was flying a large number and a height of 250 meters from where we have come here had a very nice view of cappadocia . Cappadocia balloon tour was a celebration with champagne after .



    Pasabag went , we went Devrent valley . We went to the valley of the river flowing in the middle of exp very beautiful wonder of nature . There are numerous cave around the river and the people lived here . Pole Star and 5-7 storey underground cities of Derinkuyu and snowy winter here on the soldiers and was used as a place of refuge during a thunderstorm . Only the bread of life have continued with wine and water . We went to Avanos and tile works here sporadically crafts and souvenir shops were selling . Pigeon valley, including many birds , especially pigeon flights are watched here .

    cappadocia tours

    2.5 hours from Istanbul to Edirne have made a very nice highway ride and edirne went to the city with private vehicles . Edirne Selimiye Mosque is the highest hill in the city are the city's seems from each exchange port . Magnificent architecture, the work of art. There was a very large garden and very nice decorated with flowers in a garden is located. are made ​​of marble courtyard . Selimiye mosque built by Mimar Sinan 7 years, and Turkey 's largest and most beautiful mosque . burning candle or oil lamp soot in the air flow in the room is being collected . 4 large minarets and domes are very large .


    In Edirne pan raw kebab is made very nice . There are many restaurants in the old city and a very tasty meal . In Edirne is maritza and a stone bridge over the river has been made at the time of the Ottoman Empire . meriç many restaurants along the river and had tea garden . başkentyap to the Ottoman empire, a city that has a cultural and historical city of Edirne time here and Ottoman Sultan Murad 2 was the capital of the state . Edirne old city, many homes are built with osamanl architecture .


    antalya tours
    Our tour guide in Canakkale city center, went along with the ancient city of Troy. Troy museum spread over a very wide area and much excavation and restoration work is done. Troy numerous documentaries about the trip, and finally proğramı 2004 movie Troy, starring Brad has Bitter. Used in the film Troy Canakkale horse sculpture is on display in the park. Troy a place as old as humanity. Consists of 9 layers and each layer represents a separate civilization. If the final layer is a beautiful ancient city. Very nice street in the city of Troy and adorned with many sculptures and columns of the city. There are not very big show and theater center. Troy at her classes described in ileum Hemeros very nice horse statue secretly tucked soldiers enter the castle through the door.

    Gallipoli war is the first war where the most severe. The battle of Gallipoli in 1915 and consists of two parts. The first part of the      British navy's ships with mines laid nusret mayuu get the ship sank. while the second part consists of new zealand, australia and British colonies with the Turkish military has been among the ANZAC soldiers. gallipoli war is the last gentleman's war. Gallipoli peninsula, dating from 1915, a large number of tunnels and trenches are military. On April 25, Anzac Day commemorations are as. ANZAC soldiers and pickles are made for the military statues and monuments. gallipoli war, many military uniforms are in the museum.

    trabzon tours

    On the right side of the hippodrome in Istanbul is the Turkish-Islamic Museum. This place was built long before the Blue mosque was built, and this place is the acceptable Ibrahim.
    Pasha deceased Pasha Ibrahim is the mansion where he lived. Ibrahim Pasha, Kanuni Sultan Suleyman, and his childhood friend received the same education and he trusts himself so much that he
    He gets her to marry her sister. As a result of this, the building we are in front of today was turned into a mansion as a wedding gift for your sister. But in time
    Because they made a deal with İbrahim Pasha, he later took the lead in his execution. For this reason, Makbul İbrahim Pasha, the favorite of the Ottomans, is now called the deceased İbrahim Pasha.
    took. Today, when viewed from the outside, this is a building with fewer windows compared to other buildings, and it is a classic stone masonry building. a little garden in front of him

    ephesus tours

    It is possible to enter here with a museum ticket. He has a beautiful century old palm tree in his garden. Here, especially in the Ottoman lands
    There are the most beautiful of collected Turkish handicrafts.

    Especially very large carpets and kilims used all over the old historical Anatolia are exhibited here. a historic wooden door of a mosque
    vases are line art works and a wide variety of ceramics. In addition to this, another historical building has been in the land registry and cadastre since the day it was built.
    serves as a building.

    I can still remember the taste of what I ate at Sultanahmet meatball restaurant in Istanbul yesterday. Yesterday, istanbul oldcity was mostly educational institutions.

    pamukkale tours

    During the reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, there was the first Istanbul University. Istanbul with Istanbul GRAND bazaar, which is really big and spread over a very wide area.
    There is a second-hand bookstore bazaar between the university. At that time, second-hand booksellers used to be a very popular place before the current period, for the last 50 years.
    Manuscripts are printed and produced much faster in the printing house than in books. then these books were a very large
    Written after trouble, it is also written over a long period of time. Therefore, books are both very difficult to reach and very expensive, and they are bought and sold. he is
    In the period when it was a manuscript, books were bought and sold in a place almost close to Istanbul University. where old and valuable books are bought and sold
    The place is called the Booksellers' Bazaar.

    bursa tours

    Right next to Beyazıt Square and the mosque, there are shops located on a single street or street opposite each other. of course, now in very modern printing houses
    produced books as sold. Again, it was produced in the first printing house and historical books are sold here in old books. even symbolizing istanbul oldcity
    handicrafts are also sold here. There is a fountain at the entrance of the second-hand booksellers' bazaar and the road divides into two as right and left. Very close training here
    Since it is the buildings of the institutions, it is an important stopover place for the students today. As a result, very close to the construction of Istanbul Boys' High School, especially
    It was built in Germany by the German king during the reign of the Ottoman Emperor Abdulhamit II. and there is the german fountain that was transported here by train. Already in the interior
    In the decorations, there is the most beautiful decoration of Turkish and German art. Beautiful German fountain standing all around made mostly by small mosaics in decorations
    It holds the dome with a thin marble column holding it.

    gallipoli tours

    Today, when we are in the middle, the Turkish-Islamic museum and the historical land registry cadastre building on the right were built on the right tribunes. on the left
    On the other hand, there is a mausoleum belonging to Sultan Ahmet, who had the Bleu Mosuque built, most of which is located in the area where the Bleu Mosque is located and at the very corner of the Bleu Mosuqe. sofa way
    location covering the street. As a result, we have literally drawn the boundaries of the Hippodrome in Constantine. Now this is a completely flat area and two

    edirne tours

    There is an obelisk, and the first of these is made of very ordinary masonry bricks. the very plain obelisk and the obesity on the other side is literally an art.
    work. There were inscriptions written in Egyptian alphabet on a flat stone, much different and much more beautiful than the other. already a part of it is broken and this
    The reason is that it is shorter when it should have been much longer during the move. But every city has an obelisk. Even in the new world city, the American capital,

    troy tours - Daily Troy Tour

    There is a similar obelisk.


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