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    Welcome all. This is your online learning resource. Hopefully you will find the site useful and enjoy the content, as we do our best to make sure that you get the instruction you need, to complete the task at hand. Have fun creating your new site. First you will want to visit and create your free website, then come back here and start reading the "How To" instructions and watching the instructional videos. We think the best way to learn is by doing. Below are various articles for people who have not been able to create their free website yet. Some of the content concerns explaining why you should perform this task, while other items you will see are more or less testimonials from people who have. Occasionally we will even post articles that relate to content elsewhere on the site. If you came here looking for tutorials that will help you to create a free website online, then you are in the right place.

    Why you need to prepare to create a free website, before you do it.

    Before you create a free website, you will need to do some preparation. What we mean by this is gathering your thoughts and content before you make your site. Some things you will need to have previously thought about include: titles, themes, text content, multimedia content and the intended purpose of the website (what exactly is this website going to do for you?). This may sound simple at first but you would be surprised by the number of aimless, topic-less, and overall pointless websites out there. You will want to complete this simple series of steps before you try to create a free website online.

    Search Engines like Google send out little scouts (spiders) that feed on text content then report what they find to the mother Search Engine. These little robots do not really care about grammar, or if your pictures a very nice etc., they care about the amount of words on a page. Your websites human visitors however need to read complete thoughts that call them to actions like "click here, buy now, fill this out".., etc. So to satisfy both types of visitors you need to more or less, get all the materials together first, that you decide you need on your website. Then try to establish, what comes first then next, then last. This will make it very easy and much faster to actually build your free website. This will also save you massive amounts of time and be much more effective in the end. Remember the golden rule "build your website for people to visit, enjoy and understand".

    Since (The place where you create a free website - aka - MSM) allows you to build all kinds of sites (Blog, Photo Album, Fan Club, Private, Social Network, Music, Portfolio, Classifieds, Video Chat website, etc.), in order for you not to get confused you really need to think about what features you will use. A lot of people are still under the impression that it is hard to build a website, so when they click the button on MSM and it cranks one out in 2 seconds, they are taken by surprise and lose track of what to do next. This is where having your content ready to cut and paste comes in handy. This is where having the pictures you want to upload, is useful. This is where knowing what paragraph is first and which one is next becomes important. So hopefully you see what we mean here and will dedicate the 30 minutes of time it takes to gather your content before you try to make your website for the first time. This will help you save hours and hours of frustration and will help you to create a free website that visitors enjoy and perhaps even share with others. -CAFW

    No coding.

    Everyday here at CAFW, we get the question of "how do I create a website for free, when I dont know how to code anything"? Using does NOT require that you know any HTML, CSS, Java, PHP or other advanced coding language. All the features available are easy to configure, make changes and use. There is almost no limit to what kind of websites you can create there. The service itself is designed to allow the average person to create a free website quickly, without waiting for a webmaster, graphic designer or computer programmer to help them. In the past this may have been impossible but today with available technology like this, you can create your own website in minutes. This is a true Do-It-Yourself (DIY) option. Many advanced features are available beyond the free selection. These include important add-ons like contact forms and even video-chat, which can be used with just one click. Previously to MySafeMedia coming online in 2008, there was really no way to create a free website with all the latest features unless you had a lot of money and a lot of help, in addition to a lot of time, to wait for it to get done. We have chosen to educate people on this fantastic option to create a free site because there are far too many less useful services being used by the public that do not have as many features nor are as easy to use. You are invited to come back to this site from time to time as we post new material and instruction for those looking to create a free site. Thanks,