Below is the article on how to set up the Roku Express using Roku.com/link and steps on troubleshooting. Do have a read..!!


  • Is cheaper than the Roku premiere.
  • It is useful for users with a standard HDTV.
  • Moreover, it has the channels and Roku menus similar to that of the other boxes.
  • It uses infrared to communicate instead of wifi.


  • Initially, check whether you have firm internet connectivity.
  • Then collect the necessary cables to perform the setup.
  • Connect your Roku Express device to a power outlet.
  • Now turn ON your Roku Express.
  • Connect your Roku Express to your TV.
  • Make use of your TV remote and turn ON your television and select the appropriate input.
  • The Roku logo will appear on your TV screen.
  • You will have to connect your Roku Express to your wifi network.
  • Select your network from the list of networks present and enter the password for your wifi network.
  • Then click the connect option.
  • Your Roku Express device will take a few minutes to download the latest or new software.
  • Now you can set the display type.
  • Having a Roku account is compulsory.
  • The new users must create a Roku account.
  • Finally, perform the activation of your Roku express device.


  • If you do not get the activation code on your TV screen, get a new code once again.
  • There are possibilities of getting different error codes. All you need to do is check your settings, according to the error code you get.

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