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This is a Faith Based Informative Studious Bible Study online.  A website for those who have the burning fire and a strong desire to know, study, discuss and share the Bible in real terms.   Just as the Berean's of Acts 17:11 purposed in their hearts to do, we do also.  Ignoring nothing, from the Sacred Names, concepts, views and scriptures of YAHVE's original chosen people- ... to all religions of today as well as social and world events, we dig in looking to uncover the forgotten and hidden truths. 

In analyzing and comparing the original Ancient Hebrews/Israel i.e, Abraham out of the land of Ur...Isaac and Yacob to what is being espoused , preached, and propagated today as truth, allows us to determine and comprehend if the blood of true salvation is in the veins of any of the popular doctrines in our modern world. This is true irregardless of their religious names, familiarity, belief, rituals, holidays, holy days and titles. Therefore, the main goal of this website is to get to the bottom of it! What is Emeth?  Emeth a Hebrew word meaning; "truth," "firmness," or "veracity"

For example; Who or what is the real deal? Is it God, Allah, Lucifer, Satan, Vishnu, Nimrod, Semiramis, Krishna, Apollo, Zeus, Isis, Horus, Seb, YHWH or...


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