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    Having either a Roku streaming player or a Roku streaming stick doesn't matter. The setup processes for both the devices is similar. But it differs when you have the 4K UHD feature in a Roku device, then conventional TV sets might be not get suited. Refer the following steps to set up the Roku streaming player:

    1. To move forward with this connection, this can be connected with any TV that consists of an HDMI port

    2. Always use the High speed HDMI cable and your player may support content that comes in 720 or 1080 pixels

    3. For players with the 4K HD trait, you can use the premium high speed cable to connect and stream content



    1. Link your Roku device to the Television using the HDMI and for TV's which do not have an HDMI port, you must use the composite cables

    2. Then you must link your Roku player to a wired network connection

    3. After this, attach the player with a power source

    4. Turn the TV on and choose the right input

    5. In your Roku remote, insert the suitable batteries

    6. This is applicable for both the enhanced and IR remote

    Activation process

    The moment you turn on the Roku TV, you can view the Roku com link code and note it down. A page will appear where a space gets allocated for you to paste the code. Submit the code and the device gets activated in the process. A tutorial video will start to play and it will guide you through the device and its functions. Set your display size and add the channels that you prefer.

    If you have any queries while setting up the Roku device using roku.com/link, you can visit our website. 

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