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Different Ways to utilize Roku remote

Roku Remote

Roku remote is a vital component of the Roku. You will get a remote when you procure a Roku device alternatively when you download the Roku App on your iOS and Android mobile you can turn your mobile itself into a Roku Remote

Uses of Roku Remote

A Roku remote is used for the following

Activation of Roku

Roku remote is used during Roku.com/link activation; it helps in easy navigation of the screen and selection of the options. After you generate the activate code using the Roku you can activate your Roku using the remote

Selection of Language

When you activate your Roku you would be asked to select any of the available languages, you can easily

Going to the Home Screen

There is a home button on the Roku remote that could be used to go to the Home screen directly

Adding or deleting channels

The vital feature of the Roku remote is to enable the adding or deleting of channels. Roku has numerous channels in its channel store and Roku remote makes your life easy by aiding easy addition and deletion of channels

Organizing the channels

You could organize your channels in a better way using your remote. You can add channels to your favorite list and organize as per your wish

Going Back

Roku remote enables you to easily Go back from a screen. 

Fine-tune the settings

You can also fine tune your Roku settings using your remote.

To set shortcuts

With Roku remote, you can easily set shortcuts. Shortcuts enable to navigate your Roku Tv swiftly.

Volume management

Roku remote helps you to increase or decrease the volume on your Roku

Private Listening

Private listening feature in the Roku remote helps you to listen to your favorite programs without disturbing others. Besides it also gives you privacy.

Voice Commands

You can also use the voice command feature over the Roku remote

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