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123.hp.com/setup 5530

This printer has a wide variety of options to work on. It includes print, copy, scan, photo, web, and wireless. You can scan documents directly to your e-mail and this is also one of the most resourceful printers available. The HP envy 5530 supports both duplex and Borderless printing. The printer also encourages you to print from anywhere using your smartphone.

Now we shall see how to set up the HP envy 5530 for your Mac computer.

The setup process

The following are the guidelines for the wireless setup method:

• In the beginning, you will have to turn the printer ON
• Tap the wireless icon on the printer control panel and a dialog box gets displayed
• Under settings, you can now find the Wireless setup wizard
• After this, follow the instructions that are visualized on the control panel
To make the printer perform its functions, you will have to install the HP envy 5530 driver file from 123.hp.com/setup 5530

Installing the driver

• Surf to 123.hp.com/setup5530 and then enter the model of the printer
• From the drop-down menu, choose your printer and select begin
• Then choose the download option
• After you complete the download, you can run and install the file by following the on-screen commands
• Moments after this process, you can click add to add the HP envy 5530 to the list
• The printer setup is now complete

For more queries regarding 123.hp.com/setup 5530, you can contact the HP technical support team for gaining solutions.

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