A website is one of the best ways to reach new customers who are not familiar with your business and can be used to increase the confidence of your existing customer base.

The reason you dont currently have a working website is because your Webmaster is too slow and too expensive, or your cousin/brother-in-law etc., does not have the technical know how to make all the features you want. 

You may have tried the so called FREE* services like Wordpress only to find out that they place advertising on your site and you have to pay $100 USD per year to have video and stop the advertising. Which again is too  is too expensive. PLUS, you need more than a BLOG. You don't have time to waste. You need a REAL WEBSITE, now!

Well, there is a solution and it is called MySafeMedia.com and by using it you can create the website, with Blog of your dreams in just minutes.

Web Design Automation technology - creates your new website in 1 second flat!
Real MultiMedia support - Txt, Pictures, Video's , Audio files and embedded media.
Comments & Ratings for all media - The #1 social features online today.
Automatic Notifications - These keep everyone informed and coming back for more!
Picture Upload From .zip files - Add thousands of photo's FAST
Automatic Picture & Thumbnail Re-sizing - No wasting time editing.
Picture Sharpening Filter - For all you amateur photographer's out there.
Automatic Slide Shows - A major value add feature for presenting your photo's.
Drag and Drop Album Management - Order and manage your media libraries easily.
Hot Swap Website Templates - Change the look of your website, instantly without losing content.
Full BLOG with RSS - People can subscribe to your content.
Tag Cloud & Key-wording - SEO is the name of the game.
Public Shout/Announcements - Network wide announcements that you CAN turn off.
SEO Tool / META-Wizard - This does the hard coding for you so Google can rank your site.
Journal / Notes / FAQ- Fast easy notes feature.
WYSIWYG Editors with Multi-Language Spell-Check - No coding, multi-lingual spellcheck!!
Online Photo, Twitter, Calendar & More Widgets - infinite functionality!
Customizable Forms With Form Data Storage - You NEED forms to collect data.
Drag and Drop Homepage Design - Move things around.
Customizable Classifieds Section - Build your own ads section!
Messaging Between Website Owners - Be social.
Network Wide Top List - Become popular, know whats hot!
Video Chat - No download or configuration needed.
Public & Private Members Only Websites - REAL Privacy.
Website Member Invitations - Start a Fan club or membership site.
Website Member e-Mail Blasting - Save $$.
Website Member Account Restriction - User management.
Sell With PayPal - Make money online!
Detailed Help Section - Everything is explained.

Now those are just some of the features available via MySafeMedia.com. You can visit the HELP section to view more. We advise that if you have not already done so, you create a free website today.
Previously, websites were written manually by computer programmers in complicated computer code. This required anyone building a website to be well-versed in computer code and code-editing, or to hire a webmaster. Today, this is no longer the case. MySafeMedia.com is an easy to use service that makes it easy for anyone to create a free website.  With this service, the average person, no matter what his/her computer-literacy level, can easily construct a fully-functional, attractive and FREE WEBSITE.