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    "Mother says things weren't always this way, that change wasn't always so… perfect."

    Change to be the best you should be. Aleesia Freeman has never agreed with the standard procedure of trading your traits in for better ones. Nor does she agree that destiny is a myth like the teachers claim. She wants something more for herself, to be a leader, to fight for justice, but as a servant in the Governors household, pushing to be anything but a lowly servant is unheard of and wrong. She was not born to be a leader, she was born to be a servant. Wasn't she?
    Dive into Aleesia and her journey as she seeks to push past the limitations of her social class to achieve the great things she is sure she is capable of. 

    This novel is action packed with drama, romance, revenge, purpose and sacrifice. With themes from past science fiction stories such as the Matrix and more specifically, Brave New World, Changing Perfectly brings together the past and new concepts that will leave any science fiction fan feeling satisfied whilst hungry for more at the same time. With dynamic characters and a plot that will keep you turning the pages right through till the end, this is a story you can't miss out on! 
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    Welcome Fellow writers and conventioners, to the Changing Perfectly promotion website! Feel free to look around this sight for a detailed look into some of the ideas in store for this novel and get to know some of the endearing characters. For a deeper look into the novels plot, continue reading down below! Get a good look at the main characters and the profiles in the 'Character Profile' section and get a feel for the city of Edan and its locations by checking out the maps tab. Dont forget to check out the 'Behind The Plot' tab to look into some of the more in-depth meanings and themes behind the novel and what to watch out for upon the books release. Take your time to browse through and dont forget to leave a comment to share your opinion or express your thoughts! We're always open to new ideas. 
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    The Plot: 

    This novel is about a girl in a Utopian society where she struggles with a battle of whether or not it is a perfect world to her after all. Aleesia is almost twenty and the decisions she makes in the next eight months will shape her entire life forever. She is faced with several immediate battles. 
    The first battle we see Aleesia face is her unwillingness to mold into what the society of Edan (the capital sector) wants her to be. They plan for her to serve as a maid in the Governors household, the governer being an important man and one of the seven leading officers of command for the entire state wide comunity. (For further descriptions on the Governments system and rules of parliaments please scroll down to the Government section of this webpage.) Having been working here since the age of fifteen, Aleesia has watched and learned many skills about how their society functions and the things to be done to further improve society. She see's opportunity for herself to be a great leader and wants nothing more than to step up to the challenge and help to lead the people of Edan to a greater life. There are two problems she is immediately confronted with during this notion. A) she is of the wrong region. She was born into the region of service where she has been issued a carreer that she is expected to carry out and no exceptions have ever been made. B) She is also a woman. Womens minds have been proven to work better with domestic service than the pressures of buisness and politics. There has been no woman in parliament for hundreds of years. 
    Aleesia's second battle is the fact that her future has been written for her. It has been preached for hundreds of years that destiny and religion is a myth. Man has rewritten the rules of society and control everything, there is nothing left for the exterior forces to control. Aleesia doesn't fully agree with this as she doesnt understand how her original person came to be.Where did her original traits come from? What designed her if conditioning and personality tweaking dont begin until sixteen months old? Even then, Aleesia had never been given the shots that change your personality or your looks. She is as natural as she was the day she was born. A rarity in a society where people change their looks and their personality as often as they eat or sleep. Aleesia wishes to see something bigger and beyond her, though she has no idea where to look for it. 

    This novel is about her journey in trying to find her greater purpose in the hopes that she can in fact, change everything perfectly. 

    The Best Selling Points: 

    Why should you consider publishing or supporting this book? You should because there are several key factors in this that are bound to have readers on the edge of their seats the whole time. It has all the bases of a good story including: 
    • - a detailed plot with layers of story
    • - an active and intruging protagonist 
    • - a unique concept that will pull on readers curiosity 
    • - a love triangle 
    • - drama and thrilling action throughout the novel 
    • - realisitc themes and messages that could be or even already are real in our society
    This is not only a story, but a message to all readers about the future and what we may be headed into. Is this a place we do or dont want to be?  These themes and ideas bring an emotional turmoil to the audience and thus, selling many copies as well as spreading awareness of urgent topics throughout the young people of our society. 

    Key Area's: 

    Looks are an important part of a story as it completes the readers perception on the person as well as confirms or guides the setting or way of the society in a novel. In Changing Perfectly, your looks and what looks are avaliable to you depend on your sector and  on your class. people that work in the government ranks will have different eye colours avaliable to choose from than of those whom work in community sevice. By doing this, the citizens of Edan are easily able to identify those like them and it gives everyone a sense of belonging to their group. 

    The govenment in the new countries are a little strange, but in many ways are similar to the system we have already. Each new country has a top leader, a minister of placement there are one of these for each of the twelve new countries in the world. The twelve countries are distinguished by the twelve remaining visible plates of land amongst the rising sea levels. The Ministor of placement form each country does not get dictational influence over any nation at all, in fact, their only job is to discuss and dictate the international laws that are carried out across the entire globe. 
    Underneath the Ministor of Placement  there are the seven sectors. Each new country is divided into these seven sectors escept the eleventh new country, it only has six. Each sector has a leading officor of command and by locals is referred to as the 'Governor.' States are much like what we in reality refer to as suburbs except in this fictional utopia they are a little bigger. Each state is run by a council and a mayor. The number of states may bary as much as ten to thirty depending on the sector. A vote is held once every fifty years for the members of the ministors Fellowship to be nominated or thrown out of power. Other than this, future is pre determined usually by the councils under the direction of the Govenor. 
    Only men can be part of parliament as it has been scientifically proven in this utopia, that women are not as emotionally capable as men in the roles of busieness and pressure. Women are more suited to community svice and domestic work. 

    Religion is irrelevent and unnecessary to the Edanists. They believe that every feeling, emotion and result can be altered and/or controlled by man. They worship man now as opposed to worshipping God as there is no reason for his existance when man can provide for himself. Although a few of the characters in this novel have conflicting view on this, Retch especially (See Retch's character profile for more information on this), the majority of the Edanists believe in man and the legends of Gods and destiny are now taught as Urban Myths in schools and instead are taught of the values of identity and stabilty through their society. 

    The media in the first fifty years was highly controlled by the government after The Change, however when people began to forget and started to tweak themselves more and more and became accustomed to the new society, the control eased as there was no need to control what people were willingly convincing themselves of on their own. Of course, peoples opinions are monitored for suspicious behavior as the government certainly didnt want an outbreak of rebellion against stability. The media was a quick trasportation system for this control. 
    Please Note: This website is fictional, as is the story advertised and was designed as a school project only.