Some don't want us to sing or see beauty but I like song and beauty

Sing to the mountains, sing to the sea. See beauty and wonder & rejoice!



Click onto the songs file for beautiful, relaxing,uplifting music that I chose because these songs move me or make me want to sing. Some create beautiful imagery in my mind. Click on the pics to fill your heart and mind with beautiful imagery that may keep the darkness at bay.  Remember that faith is having the light in your heart even when your eyes see darkness.  Pray for believers everywhere that the light of our shield deflects the arrows of darkness.  May the angels light your path and bring comfort to you in these times of tribulation.

Disclaimer: These songs are for total pleasure only and in no way, shape, or form are to be considered used for commercial use. No copyright infringement intended. No endorsement or rights have been obtained.  This is a non commercial site.
If you are the artist and object to your music being listened to here let me know why.