This site is all about "The Entrepreneurs Web Engine", SoNET v4.0.x.x. If you have recently downloaded a FREE version or an EVALUATION version then you have been added as a member to this site. Feel free to ask questions and post your comments and feedback.

The SoNET Web Engine (SWE), is not just another Content Management System but instead an entire service platform that gives entrepreneurs the ability to sell the same types of web services that are making billions of dollars for top technology giants. This innovative product allows you to function as a mini-Internet Service Provider (ISP), by providing, a consumer facing, self-service portal to the general public. This means that just like the big tech giants, you can sell websites plus hosting to consumers without the need for huge financial resources, advanced computer skills or complex IT infrastructure. This product is built for average people from all backgrounds to be able to use. Entrepreneurs are using The SoNET Web Engine to provide services to consumers in over 170 countries! Download your FREE copy today

WebMasters love The SoNET Web Engine (SWE) because it allows them to handle many more lower end clients without increasing their workload. With a typical Content Management System, administrative workload only increases over time. With SWE that issue is resolved as the customers serve themselves and the Webmaster operates as a service provider, not as a site administrator. So the Webmaster has more time to work on other things like high end custom sites. This is one of the biggest differences between SWE and old generation CMS products.

The other major difference between The SoNET Web Engine and CMS products is that SWE comes with all functionality built in, versus CMS products that must be built up using third-party modules. This creates a serious support issue for administrators when something goes wrong. With SWE the problem does not exist because there is one support channel. This also lends some benefit to the overall stability of the product since it is a single code base, and purpose built.

The SoNET Web Engine also make an effective platform for Affiliate Marketing. Although this role is not what it is typically used for, more and more people are starting to use it for making marketing sites since it is so fast. Useful features like site cloning and custom forms make SWE an excellent choice for anyone that needs to crank out some keyworded sites to gain advantage in the Search Engine's. More sites equal more possible listings in the rankings. More listings in the Search Engine results means more clicks and much faster list building than you can do with a typical CMS.

The other main difference between SWE and Content Management Systems is that The SoNET Web Engine generates Social Websites, which means that you can create a Social Network with it. So it is much more versatile than a CMS in that respect. To cover just these features you would need at least 3 different software packages including a CMS. The SoNET Web Engine is among the latest generation of Web Design Automation products and it does a lot more than just manage content. It is a service platform that allows you to go into business as a provider of web based services while decreasing your work load. there is nothing else like it.

SoNET - The Web Design Automation product of the decade!
SELL WEBSITES - 450 Million+ new sites will be purchased by 2020!
CREATE AFFILIATE MARKETING SITES - Unlimited sites in minutes!
CREATE A SOCIAL NETWORK - Earn money from subscribers!

Earn more income online with The SoNET Web Engine. Built by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs! SWE is the Internet toolkit that is used by people all over the world for everything from starting a business online to running a private family network. We are thankful that such a tool exist and this is our forum to talk about it and help each other get more out of this software. Feel free to share your experience with the software and also let everyone know any tips or tricks you have found while using it. If we all help each other then we all get more benefit from using it. Welcome to the unofficial SoNET Web Engine, users group.


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The SoNET Web Engine - Owner's Manual is available for download