It's not a big deal to set up Roku streaming stick.  Refer the manual provided with the package. If you are new to Roku, it’s better to check the device reviews. This will give you an idea of device features and specifications

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    Setup guide

    · To start with, collect the requirements for Roku streaming stick setup

    · Now create  a  Roku account

    · It’s the page,Roku.com/link you  can visit

    · For login, use the page  Roku.com/link and select the appropriate connection type

    · If the connection is wireless, make  your selection

    · Provide the wireless network username and password

    · A green check mark will appear and indicates the connection status

    · Red check mark represents network issues

    · Select the best channel to activate on Roku

    · Visit the appropriate channel store category

    · Select and then add the channel and you will never end up bored streaming

    · Finally, troubleshoot errors and  identify the reason and cause of the error


    For Roku streaming device setup guide, read the instructions available on our web page https://www.my-rokucomlink.com/

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